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‘With red and blue hoops’ ‘definitely yes’ ‘need as much money as possible’ Celtic fans react to sponsorship rumour

Image for ‘With red and blue hoops’ ‘definitely yes’ ‘need as much money as possible’ Celtic fans react to sponsorship rumour

Celtic fans aren’t impressed by rumours of a commercial link up with Red Bull.

The drinks giant has extensive sporting connections, most prominently with football clubs in Salzburg and Leipzig who just happened to be drawn in the same Europa League group as Celtic in 2018. More recently Patryk Klimala and Andrew Gutman have been transferred to RB New York.

Celtic’s global fanbase makes them an attractive option for sponsors but playing in Scotland and failing to qualify for the Champions League reduces the appeal greatly.

Dafabet are Celtic’s current shirt sponsor, with a deal running through to 2025 they seem to be in for the long haul but equally there is legislation coming in to outlaw gambling linked sponsorship deals.

Various options could be under discussion such as stadium naming rights or even a team name change but the suggestion this afternoon has been given a hostile reaction from most fans.

Celtic’s heritage is a rich one but since the mid-eighties there has been a company name on the famous hoops, it isn’t such a leap into the unknown to be playing at RB Celtic Park or even renaming the club as Red Bull Celtic.

A winning team on the park is the ambition of every fan, the big question is what price does that come at if a sponsor is prepared to bank-roll the club back towards the big time.

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  • JTT says:

    Don’t advertise gambling of alcohol, advertise caffeine and sugar instead. Just the sort of thinking you’d expect from the money grabbers on our boardroom.

  • Seppington says:

    The club is the world famous Glasgow Celtic of Celtic Park, Glasgow, and it should always be thus. I could maybe take them buying the club but no way would I want the club’s name or the stadium name to be changed. The can put their logo on the shirt (no blue though)
    and around the stadium, they can shill their products at the kiosks and club shop and they can spend millions on the club for the privilege but no name changes dammit!!!

  • .Peter cassidy says:

    We need a big investor /,sponsor if not we will never make any progress in europe we will just be a average small time club winning silverware in our on leauge the prestige is in the European set up now and big money so i will welcome investment in any form if it makes the club richer and better what is not to like we still will be celtic its the future grasp it with open arms or we stay stagnant I want success in Europe thats if all this is true ????.

    • Thai Tommy says:

      Peter, agree. We will never get up to the heights again without doing same as those now in the elite circle.
      Celtic is name whose name in European capitals brings good memories of our fans visiting revenue and good behavior on leaving.
      That Govan team leaves damage behind and embarrassment on Scottish football.
      Celtic needs to move out of the old firm circle and have games that invoke memories, Benfica, Ajax to mention two.
      Would agree to have a European away strip to reflect RB.

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